NOC:Thermodynamics (USB)

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Media Storage Type : 64 GB USB Stick

NPTEL Subject Matter Expert : Prof. S.R kale

NPTEL Co-ordinating Institute : IIT Delhi

NPTEL Lecture Count : 54

NPTEL Course Size : 32 GB

NPTEL PDF Text Transcription : Available and Included

NPTEL Subtitle Transcription : Available and Included (SRT)

Lecture Titles:

Lecture 1 - Thermodynamic Concepts: Applications of thermodynamics
Lecture 2 - Thermodynamic Concepts: System definition,Heat, Work and Mass Flow
Lecture 3 - Thermodynamic Concepts: Questions and Answers
Lecture 4 - Thermodynamic Concepts: Properties,State and Equilibrium
Lecture 5 - Thermodynamic Concepts: Process, Cycles and Applications
Lecture 6 - Thermodynamic Concepts: Steady state, Reversible and Irreversible processes
Lecture 7 - Thermodynamic Concepts: Causes of irreversibility
Lecture 8 - Thermodynamic Concepts: Thermal reservoirs
Lecture 9 - Thermodynamic Concepts: Pressure and temperature
Lecture 10 - Thermodynamic Concepts: Revision and Summary
Lecture 11 - Laws Of Thermodynamics: Mass flow rate, Conservation of mass, Flow work
Lecture 12 - Laws Of Thermodynamics: Zeroth Law
Lecture 13 - Laws Of Thermodynamics: First Laws Of Thermodynamics, 1st law for Control Mass, Internal Energy, enthalpy
Lecture 14 - Laws Of Thermodynamics: 1st law for Control Volume
Lecture 15 - Laws Of Thermodynamics: Revision, Cycles, Second Law statements, Clausius inequality
Lecture 16 - Laws Of Thermodynamics: Introduction to carnot Cycle
Lecture 17 - Laws Of Thermodynamics: Entropy,Entropy change for a system
Lecture 18 - Laws Of Thermodynamics: Thermodynamics relations,Bernoulli's equation
Lecture 19 - Laws Of Thermodynamics: Devices, Cycles
Lecture 20 - Properties of a Pure Substance: Thermodynamic behaviour of a pure substance
Lecture 21 - Properties of a Pure Substance: Saturated states, Subcooled liquid, Superheated vapour
Lecture 22 - Properties of a Pure Substance: Vapour pressure curve, Reference state
Lecture 23 - Properties of a Pure Substance: Saturated states
Lecture 24 - Properties of a Pure Substance: p-h diagram
Lecture 25 - Properties of a Pure Substance: T-s diagram, h-s diagram
Lecture 26 - Properties of a Pure Substance: Critical state, Compressibility factor
Lecture 27 - Properties of a Pure Substance: Ideal gas behaviour, Equations of state, Specific heat
Lecture 28 - Properties of a Pure Substance: Ideal gas processes
Lecture 29 - Properties of a Pure Substance: Gibbs energy, Helmholtz function, Property relations
Lecture 30 - Properties of a Pure Substance: Process analysis, Summary
Lecture 31 - Laws of Thermodynamics: Carnot Cycle Realization
Lecture 32 - Applications, Problem Solving: Devices, Schematic/Flow Diagrams
Lecture 33 - Applications, Problem Solving: Positive Displacement Devices
Lecture 34 - Applications, Problem Solving: Heat Exchangers
Lecture 35 - Applications, Problem Solving: Compressors, Fans and Blowers, Pumps
Lecture 36 - Applications, Problem Solving: Turbines
Lecture 37 - Applications, Problem Solving: Nozzle, Diffuser, Expansion Valve, Pipe/duct flow
Lecture 38 - Applications, Problem Solving: De-Superheater, Deaerator, Separation
Lecture 39 - Applications, Problem Solving: Unsteady processes, Filling, Evacuation
Lecture 40 - Applications, Problem Solving: Realization of Carnot cycle, Practical cycles, Air-standard cycles
Lecture 41 - Applications, Problem Solving: Materials, Compressible flow
Lecture 42 - Applications, Problem Solving: Otto cycle, Diesel cycle
Lecture 43 - Applications, Problem Solving: Closed system
Lecture 44 - Applications, Problem Solving: Open System
Lecture 45 - Properties of Ideal Gas Mixtures: Introduction to mixtures properties
Lecture 46 - Properties of Ideal Gas Mixtures: Equation of state, Conservation equations
Lecture 47 - Gas-Vapour Mixtures: Psychrometry, Moist air Properties,
Lecture 48 - Gas-Vapour Mixtures: Properties, Conservation of Mass and Energy
Lecture 49 - Gas-Vapour Mixtures: Psychrometric chart, Applications
Lecture 50 - Thermodynamics of Reacting sytems: Introduction to reacting systems and combustion
Lecture 51 - Thermodynamics of Reacting sytems: Flames, Stoichiometry
Lecture 52 - Thermodynamics of Reacting sytems: Analysis of Closed and Open Systems, Enthalpy of Formation
Lecture 53 - Phase and Chemical Equilibrium: Introduction. Chemical equilibrium. Gibbs function
Lecture 54 - Phase and Chemical Equilibrium: Equilibrium constant. Phase equilibrium

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