NOC:LDPC and Polar Codes in 5G Standard (USB)

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Media Storage Type : 64 GB USB Stick

NPTEL Subject Matter Expert : Dr. Andrew Thangaraj

NPTEL Co-ordinating Institute : IIT Madras

NPTEL Lecture Count : 37

NPTEL Course Size : 62 GB

NPTEL PDF Text Transcription : Available and Included

NPTEL Subtitle Transcription : Available and Included (SRT)

Lecture Titles:

Lecture 1 - Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) Channel and BPSK
Lecture 2 - Bit Error Rate (BER) and Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)
Lecture 3 - Error Correction Coding in a Digital Communication System
Lecture 4 - Complementary Error Function
Lecture 5 - Simulation of Uncoded BPSK and BER v/s Eb/N0 plot Generation in MATLAB/Octave
Lecture 6 - n = 3 Repetition Code
Lecture 7 - Implementation of n = 3 Repetition Code in MATLAB
Lecture 8 - (7,4) Hamming Code
Lecture 9 - A Brief Introduction to Linear Block Codes
Lecture 10 - Simulation of (7,4) Hamming Code in MATLAB
Lecture 11 - Low Density Parity Check Codes: definition, properties and introduction to protograph construction
Lecture 12 - LDPC Codes in 5G: protograph, base matrix, expansion
Lecture 13 - Encoding LDPC codes in 5G
Lecture 14 - MATLAB programs for encoding LDPC codes
Lecture 15 - Log-Likelihood Ratio and Soft Input and Soft Output (SISO) Decoder for the Repetition Code
Lecture 16 - Soft Input and Soft Output (SISO) Decoder for the Single Parity Check (SPC) Code
Lecture 17 - Illustration of SISO decoder for (3,2) SPC code and min-sum approximation
Lecture 18 - SISO decoder for a general (n,n-1) SPC code
Lecture 19 - Soft-Input Soft-Output Iterative Message Passing Decoder for LDPC Codes
Lecture 20 - A Toy Example Illustration of the SISO MInsum Iterative Message Passing Decoder
Lecture 21 - Modifications to the Decoder: Layered Decoding and Offset
Lecture 22 - Implementation of SISO Layered Minsum Iterative Message Passing Decoder in MATLAB
Lecture 23 - Debugging and Improvements to the MATLAB Implementation
Lecture 24 - Rate Matching in LDPC Codes using Puncturing and Shortening
Lecture 25 - Implementation of Fixed Point Quantization and Offset Minsum in the Decoder
Lecture 26 - Introduction to Polar Codes: Polar Transform
Lecture 27 - Channel Polarization, Definition of (N,K) Polar Code and Encoding
Lecture 28 - MATLAB Implementation for Encoding Polar Codes
Lecture 29 - Successive Cancellation (SC) Decoder for Polar Codes: Illustration of its Building Blocks with N=2,4
Lecture 30 - Successive Cancellation (SC) Decoder for a General (N,K) Polar Code
Lecture 31 - MATLAB Implementation of Successive Cancellation Decoder - Part 1
Lecture 32 - MATLAB Implementation of Successive Cancellation Decoder - Part 2
Lecture 33 - Successive Cancellation List Decoding
Lecture 34 - Fixed Point Quantization for SC Decoder and LDPC Decoder
Lecture 35 - MATLAB Implementation of Successive Cancellation List Decoding
Lecture 36 - Rate Matching for LDPC codes
Lecture 37 - Performance Comparison of LDPC codes and Polar Codes in 5G

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