NOC:Introductory Quantum Mechanics (USB)

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NPTEL Subject Matter Expert : Prof. Manoj K Harbola

NPTEL Co-ordinating Institute : IIT Kanpur

NPTEL Lecture Count : 55

NPTEL Course Size : 2.3 GB

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Lecture Titles:

Lecture 1 - Black Body Radiation I - Relevant Definitions and Black Body as cavity
Lecture 2 - Black Body Radiation II - Intensity of radiation in terms of energy density
Lecture 3 - Black Body Radiation III - Spectral energy density and radiation pressure inside a black body radiation
Lecture 4 - Black Body Radiation IV - Stephen's Boltzman law
Lecture 5 - Black Body Radiation V - Wein's Displacement law and analysis for spectral density
Lecture 6 - Black Body Radiation VI - Wein's distribution law and rayleigh - Jeans distribution law
Lecture 7 - Black Body Radiation VII - Quantum Hypothesis and plank's distribution Formula
Lecture 8 - Radiation as a collection of particles called photons
Lecture 9 - Quantum Hypothesis and specific heat of soilds
Lecture 10 - Bohr's Model of hydrogen spectrum
Lecture 11 - Wilson Sommerfeld quantum condition I - Harmonic oscillator and particle in a box
Lecture 12 - Wilson Sommerfeld quantum condition II - Particle moving in a coulomb potential in a plane and related quantum numbers
Lecture 13 - Wilson Sommerfeld quantum condition III - Particle moving in a coulomb potential in 3D and related quantum numbers
Lecture 14 - Quantum conditions and atomic structure, electron spin and Pauli exclusion principle
Lecture 15 - Interaction of atoms with radiation : Eienstien's A and B coefficients
Lecture 16 - Stimulated emmision and amplification of light in a LASER
Lecture 17 - Brief description of a LASER
Lecture 18 - Introduction to the correspondence principle
Lecture 19 - General nature of the correspondence principle
Lecture 20 - Selection rules (for transitions) through the correspondence principle
Lecture 21 - Applications of the correspondence principle : Einstiens A coefficient for the harmonic oscillator and the selection rules for atomic transitions
Lecture 22 - Heisenberg's formulations of quantum mechanics : expressing kinetic variables as matrices
Lecture 23 - Heisenberg's formulation of quantum mechanics : the quantum condition
Lecture 24 - Heisenberg's formulation of the quantum mechanics : Application to harmonic oscillator
Lecture 25 - Brief introduction to matrix mechanics and the quantum condition in matrix form
Lecture 26 - Introduction to waves and wave equation
Lecture 27 - Sationary waves eigen values and eigen functions
Lecture 28 - Matter waves and their experimental detection
Lecture 29 - Represenating a moving paticle by a wave packet
Lecture 30 - Stationary-state Schrodinger equation and its solution for a particle in a box
Lecture 31 - Solution of the stationary-state Schrodinger equation for a simple harmonic oscillator
Lecture 32 - Equivalance of Heisenberg and the Schrodinger formulations : Mathematical preliminaries
Lecture 33 - Equivalance of Heisenberg and Schrodinger formulations : The x and p operators and the quantum condition
Lecture 34 - Born interpretation of the wavefunction and expectation values of x and p operators
Lecture 35 - Uncertainty principle and its simple applications
Lecture 36 - Time dependent Schrodinger equation the probability current density and the continuity equation for the probability density
Lecture 37 - Ehrenfest theorem for the expectation values of x and p operators
Lecture 38 - Solution of Schrodinger equation for a particle in one and two delta function potentials
Lecture 39 - Solution of Schrodinger equation for a particle in a finite well
Lecture 40 - Numerical solution of a one dimensional Schrodinger equation for bound states - I
Lecture 41 - Numerical solution of a one dimensional Schrodinger equation for bound states - II
Lecture 42 - Reflection and transmission of particles across a potential barrier
Lecture 43 - Quantum-tunneling and its examples
Lecture 44 - Solution of the Schrodinger for free paticles and periodic boundary conditions
Lecture 45 - Electrons in a metal : Density of states and Fermi energy
Lecture 46 - Schrodinger equation for particles in spherically symmetric potential, angular momentum operator
Lecture 47 - Angular momentum operator and its eigenfunctions
Lecture 48 - Equation for radial component of the wavefunction in spherically symmteric potentials and general properties of its solution
Lecture 49 - Solution for radial component of the wavefunction for the hydrogen atom
Lecture 50 - Numerical solution for the radial component of wavefunction for spherically symmetric potentials
Lecture 51 - Solution of the Schrodinger equation for one dimensional periodic potential : Bloch's theorem
Lecture 52 - Kroning-Penny model and energy bands
Lecture 53 - Kroning-Penny model with periodic Dirac delta function and energy bands
Lecture 54 - Discussion on bands
Lecture 55 - Summary of the course

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