Nanoelectronics: Devices and Materials (USB)

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NPTEL Subject Matter Expert : Dr. Navakanta Bhat, Prof. K.N. Bhat, Dr. S.A. Shivashankar

NPTEL Co-ordinating Institute : IISc Bangalore

NPTEL Lecture Count : 41

NPTEL Course Size : 14 GB

NPTEL PDF Text Transcription : Available and Included

NPTEL Subtitle Transcription : Available and Included (SRT)

Lecture Titles:

Lecture 1 - Introduction to Nanoelectronics
Lecture 2 - CMOS Scaling Theory
Lecture 3 - Short Channel Effects
Lecture 4 - Subthreshold Conduction
Lecture 5 - Drain Induced Barrier Lowering
Lecture 6 - Channel and Source / Drain Engineering
Lecture 7 - CMOS Process Flow
Lecture 8 - Gate oxide scaling and reliability
Lecture 9 - High-k gate dielectrics
Lecture 10 - Metal gate transistor
Lecture 11 - Industrial CMOS Technology
Lecture 12 - Ideal MOS C-V Characteristics
Lecture 13 - Effect of non idealities on C-V
Lecture 14 - MOS Parameter Extraction from C-V Characteristics
Lecture 15 - MOS Parameter Extraction from I-V Characteristics
Lecture 16 - MOSFET Analysis, sub-threshold swing “S”
Lecture 17 - Interface state density effects on “S”. Short Channel Effects (SCE) and Drain Induced Barrier Lowering (DIBL)
Lecture 18 - Velocity Saturation, Ballistic transport, and Velocity Overshoot Effects and Injection Velocity
Lecture 19 - SOI Technology and comparisons with Bulk Silicon CMOS technology
Lecture 20 - SOI MOSFET structures, Partially Depleted (PD)and Fully Depleted (FD) SOIMOSFETs
Lecture 21 - FD SOI MOSFET: Operation Modes and Threshold Voltages and Electric Fields
Lecture 22 - Sub-threshold Slope & SCE suppression in FD SOI MOSFET, Volume Inversion and Ultra thin (UTFD) SOI MOSFET and quantization Effect, FINFET
Lecture 23 - Need for MS contact Source/Drain Junction in Nano scale MOSFETs
Lecture 24 - Rectifying and Ohmic contacts and challenges in MS unction source drain MOSFET Technology
Lecture 25 - Effect of Interface states and Fermi level pinning on MS contacts on Si and passivation techniques for MS S/D MOSFETS
Lecture 26 - Germanium as an alternate to silicon for high performance MOSFETs and the challenges in Germanium Technology
Lecture 27 - Germanium MOSFT technology and recent results on surface passivated Ge MOSFETS
Lecture 28 - Compound semiconductors and hetero junction FETsfor high performance
Lecture 29 - GaAs MESFETs: Enhancement and depletion types. Velocity Overshoot effcts in GaAs MESFETs
Lecture 30 - Hetero-junctions and High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMT)
Lecture 31 - Introduction to Nanomaterials
Lecture 32 - Basic Principles of Quantum Mechanics
Lecture 33 - Basic Principles of Quantum Mechanics (Continued...)
Lecture 34 - Energy bands in crystalline solids
Lecture 35 - Quantum structures and devices
Lecture 36 - Crystal growth and nanocrystals
Lecture 37 - Nanocrystals and nanostructured thin films
Lecture 38 - Nanowires and other nanostructures
Lecture 39 - Carbon Nanostructures and CVD
Lecture 40 - Atomic layer deposition (ALD)
Lecture 41 - Characterisation of nanomaterials

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