DIGIMAT Digital Library Software (OS)

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About DIGIMAT Digital Library Software (OS):

DIGIMAT Digital Library Software (OS) is integrated with most popular Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) for setting up

* Digital Library
* Digital Learning Platform
* NPTEL Video Streaming Server in LAN

List of Free/Open Source Software in DIGIMAT OS:

The following Free/Open Source Software is integrated in DIGIMAT Digital Library OS
(All below listed software are pre-configured for immediate use after installation of DIGIMAT OS)

* Moodle for Learning Management System
* DSpace for Institutional Repository
* Greenstone for Digital Library
* LimeSurvey for Survey and Assessments
* phpBB for Discussion Forum Activities
* Wordpress for Content Management System
* Drupal for Content Management System
* MediaWiki for Collaborative Learning
* Web based Internal Mail Server
* Koha for Integrated Library System
* e-Prints for Building Open Repositories
* MediaGoblin for Media Publishing like Videos, Photos, Documents etc.
* YouPHPTube for uploading Institutions own video
* Open Source Ticket Request System (OTRS) for Help Desk Management
* OBS Studio for Live Broadcasting of Events and more .....

DIGIMAT Video Learning Platform:

The HTML-5 and QR Code based Software for Streaming 57,000+ NPTEL Video Lectures in LAN (YouTube Edition). Very highly useful for NPTEL-SWAYAM Local Chapter Colleges.

* HTML-5 based Video Streaming support for 57,000+ NPTEL video lectures in LAN
* RealTime Live Usage Report for 57,000+ NPTEL video lectures
* Assessment facility for 1310+ NPTEL video courses
* Unlimited User Access

Package Details:

DIGIMAT Digital Library Software (OS) is provided in a 32 GB Pendrive. This is a Live Bootable / Installable OS and NOT to be used under Microsoft Windows OS Environment.

Knowledge Base:

Visit our Knowledge Base at https://kb.digimat.in.

Technical Support:

Join the discussion forum at https://forum.digimat.in

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