DIGIMAT Autonomous Learning Platform (Web Edition)

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DIGIMAT Autonomous Learning Platform 

DIGIMAT Autonomous Learning Platform can be used for setting up advanced e-Learning/Offline MOOC Platform in Higher Educational Institutions and also for setting up advanced Digital Library integrated with most popular Free/Open Source Software (FOSS). 

DIGIMAT Autonomous Learning Platform shifts the focus from Teaching to Self-Learning.

About DIGIMAT Autonomous Learning Platform:

DIGIMAT Autonomous Learning Platform is integrated with most popular Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) tools for

  • Conducting Practical Hands-on Training on Computer Programming Languages
  • Advanced Digital Library Facility
  • Distraction Free Video Learning Platform
  • NPTEL Video Streaming Server in LAN

List of Free/Open Source Software in DIGIMAT Platform:

The following Free/Open Source Software is integrated in DIGIMAT Autonomous Learning Platform
(All below listed software are pre-configured for immediate use after installation of DIGIMAT OS)

  1. MeeTTY for Conducting Practical Hands-on Linux Training
  2. Moodle for Learning Management System (LMS)
  3. Virtual Programming Lab (VPL) in Moodle LMS
  4. DSpace for Institutional Repository
  5. Greenstone for Digital Library
  6. LimeSurvey for Assessments and Feedback
  7. phpBB for Discussion Forum Activities
  8. Calibre for e-Book Management
  9. OwnCloud for File Hosting Services
  10. NextCloud for File Hosting Services
  11. Rocket Chat for Realtime Instant Messaging
  12. Wordpress for Content Management System
  13. Drupal for Content Management System
  14. MediaWiki for Collaborative Learning
  15. Web based Internal Mail Server
  16. WebPad for Online Document Collaboration
  17. WebCalc for Online Spreadsheet Collaboration
  18. Koha for Integrated Library System
  19. e-Prints for Building Open Repositories
  20. MediaGoblin for Media Publishing like Videos, Photos, Documents etc.
  21. PiWiGo for Photo Management
  22. YouPHPTube for Video Hosting and Live Streaming
  23. Open Source Ticket Request System (OTRS) for Help Desk Management
  24. OBS Studio for Live Broadcasting of Events and more .....

DIGIMAT Video Learning Platform:

The HTML-5 and QR Code based Software for Streaming 108,400+ NPTEL Video Lectures in LAN (YouTube Edition).
(Very highly useful for NPTEL-SWAYAM Local Chapter Colleges)

  • HTML-5 based Video Streaming support for 108,400+ NPTEL video lectures in LAN and Mobile Devices
  • RealTime Live Usage Report for 108,400+ NPTEL video lectures
  • Assessment facility for 2335+ NPTEL video courses
  • Unlimited User Access in the Campus
  • Support for watching 108,400+ NPTEL videos in both ONLINE (via NPTEL YouTube Channel) and also in OFFLINE (From Local Server)

Package Details:

DIGIMAT Autonomous Learning Platform is provided in a 64 GB Pendrive.

Warning: This is a Live Bootable and Installable OS and strictly **SHOULD NOT** be inserted under Microsoft Windows OS Platform.


Goods and Services Tax (GST) Extra 18% applicable.

Knowledge Base:

Visit our Knowledge Base at https://kb.digimat.in

Technical Support:

Join the discussion forum at https://forum.digimat.in

Visit Online: http://elearn.psgcas.ac.in

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