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1. Analytical Technologies in Biotechnology
2. Animal Physiology
3. Biomathematics
4. Bio electricity
5. Bio-Chemistry I
6. Downstream Processing
7. Enzyme Science and Engineering
8. NOC-Animal Physiology
9. NOC-Applications of Interactomics using Genomics and Proteomics Technologies
10. NOC-Aspects Of Biochemical Engineering
11. NOC-BioInformatics-Algorithms and Applications
12. NOC-Bioelectrochemistry
13. NOC-Bioenergetics Of Life Processes
14. NOC-Bioenergy
15. NOC-Bioengineering- An Interface with Biology and Medicine
16. NOC-Biomedical Nanotechnology
17. NOC-Biomicrofluidics
18. NOC-Bioreactors
19. NOC-Bioreactor Design and Analysis
20. NOC-Biostatistics and Design of Experiments
21. NOC-Cell Culture Technologies
22. NOC-Computational Systems Biology
23. NOC-Computer Aided Drug Design
24. NOC-Demystifying the Brain
25. NOC-Drug Delivery- Principles and Engineering
26. NOC-Experimental Biotechnology
27. NOC-Forests and their Management
28. NOC-Forest Biometry
29. NOC-Functional Genomics
30. NOC-Genetic Engineering - Theory and Application
31. NOC-Human Molecular Genetics
32. NOC-Industrial Biotechnology
33. NOC-Interactomics-Protein Arrays and Label-free Biosensors
34. NOC-Interactomics- Basics and Applications
35. NOC-Introduction To Professional and Scientific Communication
36. NOC-Introduction to Biostatistics
37. NOC-Introduction to Developmental Biology
38. NOC-Introduction to Dynamical Models in Biology
39. NOC-Introduction to Mechanobiology
40. NOC-Introduction to Proteogenomics
41. NOC-Introduction to Proteomics
42. NOC-Introductory Mathematical Methods for Biologists
43. NOC-Learning about Learning- A Course on Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
44. NOC-Mass spectrometry based proteomics
45. NOC-Material and Energy Balances
46. NOC-Medical Biomaterials
47. NOC-Nanotechnology in Agriculture
48. NOC-Optical Spectroscopy and Microscopy- Fundamentals of Optical Measurements and Instrumentation
49. NOC-Plant Cell Bioprocessing
50. NOC-Plant Developmental Biology
51. NOC-Principles of Downstream techniques in Bioprocess
52. NOC-Proteins and Gel-Based Proteomics
53. NOC-Thermodynamics for Biological Systems- Classical and Statistical Aspect
54. NOC-Tissue engineering
55. NOC-Transport Phenomena in Biological Systems
56. NOC-WildLife Conservation
57. NOC-Wild Life Ecology
58. Proteomics- Principles and Techniques
59. Thermodynamics

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