Basic Electrical Circuits (USB)

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NPTEL Subject Matter Expert : Dr. Nagendra Krishnapura

NPTEL Co-ordinating Institute : IIT Madras

NPTEL Lecture Count : 21

NPTEL Course Size : 9.9 GB

NPTEL PDF Text Transcription : Available and Included

NPTEL Subtitle Transcription : Not Available

Lecture Titles:

Lecture 1 - Introduction to the course;Current and Voltage;Kirchhoff's Current and Voltage laws
Lecture 2 - Electrical circuit elements: Voltage and current sources; R, C, L; Voltage sources in series; Example of superposition
Lecture 3 - Elements in series and parallel; Superposition in linear circuits
Lecture 4 - Controlled sources; Determining the characteristics of a two terminal element; Realizing a resistor using a VCCS or a CCVS
Lecture 5 - Nodal analysis of a network with conductances and current sources; Setting up the equations; Conductance matrix; Superposition
Lecture 6 - Circuit analysis; Number of KCL and KVL equations in a circuit; Nodal analysis of a network with conductances and current sources; Setting up the equations; Conductance matrix;
Lecture 7 - Nodal analysis with voltage sources and controlled sources; Brief introduction to modified nodal analysis; Use of supernode to solve circuits with voltage sources; Superposition theorem
Lecture 8 - Mesh analysis of a circuit with resistors and voltage sources; Comparison with nodal analysis; Mesh analysis of circuits with current sources-supermesh
Lecture 9 - Choice of nodal versus mesh analysis; Circuit theorems: Pushing a voltage source through a node, splitting a current source, substitution theorem, superposition
Lecture 10 - Thevenin and Norton (theorem and) equivalent circuits; Power conservation in a circuit
Lecture 11 - Tellegen's theorem; Reciprocity theorem
Lecture 12 - Compensation Theorem; Two ports
Lecture 13 - Two port parameters-y parameters
Lecture 14 - Two port parameters(z, h, and g); Reciprocal two ports
Lecture 15 - Opamp, ideal opamp circuits, non-inverting and inverting amplifiers; Ensuring that the opamp has negative feedback
Lecture 16 - RC circuit natural response; First order differential equation
Lecture 17 - RC (first-order) circuit, complete response with step inputs; Transient(natural) and steady state(forced) responses; Zero-state and zero-input responses
Lecture 18 - Step response of RC circuit with loops of voltage sources and capacitors; RL circuits; RLC circuits
Lecture 19 - Second order(RLC circuit) natural response; Series and prallel RLC circuits; Differential equation-characteristic equation and solutions; Forced response of a second order circuit
Lecture 20 - General formulation of second order(RLC circuit) natural response; Natural frequency and damping/quality factor; Series/parallel RLC circuits; R, L, C in sinusoidal steady state
Lecture 21 - Sinusoidal steady state response of RC and RLC circuits

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