Advanced Strength of Materials (DVD)

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Media Storage Type : DVD-ROM

NPTEL Subject Matter Expert : Prof. S.K. Maiti

NPTEL Co-ordinating Institute : IIT Bombay

NPTEL Lecture Count : 40

NPTEL Course Size : 9.7 GB

NPTEL PDF Text Transcription : Available and Included

NPTEL Subtitle Transcription : Available and Included (SRT)

Lecture Titles:

Lecture 1 - Stress and Strain Tensor
Lecture 2 - Stress and Strain Tensor (Continued) and Cauchy Formula for Traction
Lecture 3 - Examples on Calculation of Strains and Tractions, Principal Stresses and Directions
Lecture 4 - Example on Calculation of Principal Stresses and Directions, Orthogonality of Principal Directions, Principal Stresses are all Real
Lecture 5 - Maximum Shear Stress and Octahedral Shear Stress, Deviatoric and Hydrostatic Stresses
Lecture 6 - Transformation of Stresses and Mohr Circle in 3-D
Lecture 7 - Mohr Circle (Continued)
Lecture 8 - Deformation, Rotation and Strain Tensors, Principal Strains,Deviatoric and Hydrostatic Strains
Lecture 9 - Strain Transformations, Strains in Polar Coordinates, Equilibrium Equations in 2-D
Lecture 10 - Equilibrium Equations in 2-D Polar Coordinates Plane Stress and Plane Strain Conditions
Lecture 11 - Stress-Strain Relations for Isotropic, Orthotropic and Anisotropic Materials Stress-Strain-Temperature Relations
Lecture 12 - Relation between Elastic Constants and Strain Energy Densities Recap of Lectures 1 to 11
Lecture 13 - Stress Distribution in Thick Cylinder
Lecture 14 - Stresses due to Shrink Fitting
Lecture 15 - Stresses in Rotating Disc
Lecture 16 - Examples on Shrink Fitting and Rotating Disc
Lecture 17 - Torsion of Non-Circular Shaft
Lecture 18 - Torsion of Non-Circular Shaft (Continued)
Lecture 19 - Membrane Analogy for Torsion
Lecture 20 - Torsion of Thin Box Sections
Lecture 21 - Torsion of Box and Open Sections
Lecture 22 - Bending of Curved Bars
Lecture 23 - Bending of Curved Bars (Continued)
Lecture 24 - Theories of Failure
Lecture 25 - Theories of Failure (Continued)
Lecture 26 - Theories of Failure (Continued) and Their Applications, Griffith Theory of Brittle Fracture
Lecture 27 - Application of Griffith Theory, Irwin-Orowan Modification of Griffith Theory, Assessment of Effect of Dynamic Loading
Lecture 28 - Theorems of Elasticity
Lecture 29 - Theorems of Elasticity (Continued)
Lecture 30 - Thermal Stress Distribution in Rectangular Sheet due to Symmetric and Asymmetric Temperature Fields
Lecture 31 - Thermal Stress Distribution in Cylinders
Lecture 32 - Unsymmetrical Bending
Lecture 33 - Shear Centre
Lecture 34 - Plate Bending
Lecture 35 - Plate Bending (Continued)
Lecture 36 - Examples on Plate Bending
Lecture 37 - Approximate Solutions for Bending of Rectangular and Circular Plates
Lecture 38 - Thin Shells of Revolution
Lecture 39 - Beam on Elastic Foundation
Lecture 40 - Application of Beam on Elastic Foundation Analysis to Pressure Vessels for Calculation of Discontinuity Stresses

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